Thursday, October 24, 2019

+Garbage Disposal Houston TX

  1. Shut off the electrical power switch.
    This switch is located under the cabinet, near the disposal, or on a wall nearby. If you don’t find a switch, go to the main power panel and turn off the breaker or remove the fuse that powers the disposal.
    Never put your hand in the disposal. Remember that the switch may be defective, so keep your hands out of the disposal even when power to the machine is turned off.
  2. Take a look in the disposal.
    A flashlight may shed some light on the problem — you may see a large object caught in the disposal.
  3. If an object caused the stoppage, use a pair of pliers to reach into the disposal and remove it.
  4. Wait 15 minutes for the disposal motor to cool.
  5. Turn on the power and push the reset or overload protector button.
    This button is located on the bottom of the disposal.
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